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CASAS Reading Test Study Packets   Materials prepared for tutors by the Blue Ridge Literacy Council.


GED Resources for Educators "Since the beginning of the development of the 2014 GED® test, GED Testing Service has made an unprecedented commitment adult educator professional development. In order to ensure that instructors have access to training that can maximize their effectiveness in preparing adult learners with the skills they will need for success on the test an in, we have created a variety of professional development programs and tools, in two categories: live professional development workshops and free materials and resources."

Checking Student GED Scores  An instructor account has been created for RIRAL teachers to be able to access GED Ready and GED scores through Manager.

Password: G3Dscores
*PLEASE NOTE: You do not need to reset the password. This has already been done. Please do not change the password as this will be a shared account.

View the Guide for New Users document here (skip to step 2) to learn how to search for student's scores. *Very Important Note: Students must log into their MyGED™ accounts at and authorize RIRAL as an adult education center to see their scores before you can see them in GED Manager™. Students can authorize RIRAL by clicking on the “Share scores with my adult learning center” link located on the “Scores” page and in their Enhanced Score Reports. Then, they must select RIRAL from the list of authorized centers.  
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Science Videos for ABE/ASE and Transition to higher Ed  This video list has two parts, Video Collections and Videos by Topic. The videos have been suggested by participants in the Science Instructional Videos Review Project, organized by David J. Rosen, and Susan Cowles, Some of the videos have been reviewed:

Reviews of Science Videos for ABE/ASE and Transition to Higher Ed   These video reviews were written and compiled in the spring and summer of 2014 by a group of adult education teachers of science from across the United States, led by LINCS Science Community of Practice Subject Matter Expert, Susan Cowles, and President of Newsome Associates, David J. Rosen. A list of reviewers is included in the Appendix. Rosen and Cowles edited the reviews. Comments and questions about the reviews, and requests to be added to the science video review LINCS online group, should be sent to David Rosen, or to Susan Cowles, .

David has asked:
After you have had a chance to review and use some of these videos with your students, please post your comments to the LINCS Science CoP. I am particularly interested in how you use videos with your students. To join the LINCS Science CoP one goes to and selects “Join the Community”.



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