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Inspired by a conversation with students from Shannon McLoud's ASE Language Arts/Social Studies/Science class, here is a link to a collection of resources to help gain background knowledge in science and social studies topics, as well as much more!

Once a month for the duration of the Technology Breakthrough Grant, RIRAL will transform its Woonsocket Learning Center into a Learning Studio. Multiple spaces will be available for research, collaboration, lesson planning, and hands-on technical experiences. Click above to read more...

Check out what students are doing in Dennis' ABE Math Class at RIRAL's Woonsocket Learning Center. During class time, students have access to mobile devices to review math lessons in the form of online videos, as well as connect to websites to practice their math skills.

Click here for resources to help you review multiplication and division.

80% of students who don’t pass a GED® test subject only need to answer 1-3 more questions correctly to pass. That means every question matters. Wouldn’t it be great to know what skills students need to answer more questions correctly?  Click heading to read more...

September is on it's way, so we are recruiting new teachers to fill open positions. Two new listings added to our Employment Opportunities page:

We will continue posting additional opportunities later this week.