RIRAL is participating in the New England Voter Education, Registration, and Action (VERA) Campaign, sponsered by the NE Literacy Resource Center and World Education. The goal of the campaign is to educate adult learners about voting and the topical electoral issues, and mobilize them to vote through classroom and program activities.

On Tuesday October 25 and Wednesday October 26, students will vote in RIRAL's mock election. All students are eligible to participate in the mock election, regardless of their official voting status. Click below to access the mock election ballot.


Helpful Resources for Instructors

VERA Homepage

Link for Instructors to Voting Rights Activity


Helpful Videos

The history of voting in the United States as told by celebrity narrators: ­Grammy Award winning artist John Legend, Glee's Darren Criss, celebrity blogger Perez Hilton and R&B singer, Bridget Kelly.

Short guide to understanding how the U.S. elects a new president. This has been viewed well over a million times and helped many people finally understand the Electoral College. Need explainer videos for your classroom? This video is a sample from a unique video library that can be licensed for use by educators.

Another video to help us understand the Electoral College - did you know that American astronauts can vote from space, but residents of US territories (such as Puerto RIco) can't vote?!