Message from Kim:

I am so sorry I cannot be at the meeting today! Below is part of what I had planned to show and talk about at today's meeting. Please contact me if you have additional questions, suggestions, etc.


INSPIRATION: Blended Learning in Warwick

I am a visual person, so below is a short, three minute video to demonstrate what integrating technology into the classroom COULD look like - I hope this will get us thinking about how we can reconfigure our classrooms (note the stations around the perimeter for independent work, versus desks pushed together to make tables for group work, the use of a small projector, etc).  

This video is from a 4th grade reading classroom in West Warwick from Shawn Rubin of the Highlander Institute. True, it is not adult education, but it does provide a visual example of what blended learning could look like in the classroom. I am on the lookout for examples from OUR adult ed classrooms, please share!

Learning Studio Summary

Is there anyone at the TPP Meeting today who has attended one of the Studios and would like to share their experience?


FORMAT of Group Sessions (three, 1hr and 15 minute sessions):

  1. A more general tech topic such as how to set up a projector, or creating lessons with PowerPoint, or how to use a document camera.
  2. A topic for Windows Tablets
  3. A topic for iPad Tablets


  • For all of the topics listed below, I have been mindful of the different populations and class types offered in adult ed (ESL, ABE, ASE, NEDP, GED, and Transition to College), and tried to prepare examples for use and/or modification or extension.
  • Although each session has focused on a topic for the Windows or iPad tablets, the content can be applied to desktop/laptop computers (and possibly smartphones) too; in other words, even if your agency doesn't have tablets, the programs covered can still be used with other technology!

TOPICS covered so far include: 

Google Classroom & Independent PD - how to use Google classroom (as a student) and how to use independent PD resources like SimpleK12 and
Using a Projector to Show Videos in Class
Intro to iPad and Windows Tablet - we covered the very basics of how to turn on and navigate the device
Using Microsoft OneDrive for Cloud Storage (needed for NEDP and Windows tablets)
Creating Presentations / Slide Shows - very basic introduction to Microsoft PowerPoint or Google Presentations
Creating Lessons with PowerPoint - going deeper with PowerPoint, how to embed images and video, and turn presentation into a video itself

Windows Tablets: Research and Writing - how to use Windows tablets for a research and writing project with students
iPads: Educreations - an intro to what Educreations is and how to use it as a teacher and how to use it with students


*Information, presentations, links, videos, resources, etc have been ARCHIVED on RIRAL's website for open access to all:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on "STAFF RESOURCES"
  3. Click on "The Learning Studio"
  4. Click on the link for each session for details and links to more information.

Next Learning Studio:

Thursday, January 15, 1pm-5pm (invitation coming this weekend!)


Using Document Cameras (a digital version of the old overhead projectors, for example Elmo) - bringing real world content into the classroom, reduce copying pages, get students up and moving around the classroom

Windows Tablets: Using Excel in the Classroom - I have never been (more?) excited about Excel! For example, creating timelines for Social Studies/History lessons, making flashcards, making interactive maps, making word searches, and creating drag-and-drop language arts activities.

iPads: Educreations - going deeper with student projects and formative assessments. Participants will work in groups to practice delivering a (very) mini lesson and asking "students" (other group members) to make an Educreations video.


*We are going to try our first live stream and video archive of this Learning Studio! It may be a fantastic disaster, but I am sure we will learn something along the way! You are strongly encouraged to participate live if you can, but if not, try the stream and let us know if it works and how it can be improved. Details for the stream will be posted on RIRAL's website for Learning Studio #3.