Write for The Change Agent!

The Change Agent features writing by adult learners. All submissions must be received by the deadline to be considered for publication. Suggested length is 200-1000 words. We pay $50 stipends to adult education students whose work is accepted for publication. All submissions are reviewed by our Editorial Board. Final decisions are made by The Change Agent Editor.

The upcoming issue focuses on the theme: Career Pathways

Helping students advance in their jobs and increase their earnings has always been essential to adult education students, even more so now that the WIOA legislation requires that programs show student progress along a career pathway. In this issue, we will share success stories as well as challenges when it comes to teaching basic skills in the context of work and career readiness. We particularly invite adult learners to share their experiences in writing or with illustrations. Use one or two of the following writing prompts to guide your writing:

• What opportunities do you see in your workplace for advancing to a better job and better wages?

• What career pathway have you identified for yourself? Why did you choose this one? How is your adult education program supporting you on this path?

• Is your education program focused on helping you prepare for work? What are the advantages and disadvantages of education that is focused mostly on work-readiness? Are there other topics you’d like to study in your education program?

• Describe a way you have changed jobs at work or made a career move. How did you get the training? What supports did you use? What was most useful to you as you tried to make a change?

• From your own observations of jobs that are available in the U.S., what are the most important steps we can take to make sure we are paid a living wage?

• How satisfied are you with the career pathway you chose? How does it compare to your expectations? Are your skills and talents used well in this career?


Deadline for submission: May 4, 2017