ESL (English) Students Exploring iPad Apps

Photos and Text by Technology Instructor, Bryn Clayton

This month the Woonsocket Learning Center daytime ESL classes are exploring our new iPads. Students tried out and rated several apps during their computer class. Some of the most popular apps so far include: Duolingo, VocabBuilder (all levels), Arcade Lingo, Homophones, Hello Hello, Practice English Grammar, Counting Money, and Lexia Reading. 

Students in the beginner class reviewed family vocabulary that they practiced in their ESL class on the Vocab Builder level 2. The beginner class used Lingo Arcade a lot, and wanted to continue to higher levels. The historical photos in Civic Quotes inspired a student to share about Laos, her home country. Another student listened to a Whitney Houston song on the YouTube App while she translated lyrics using a laptop. Chicktionary was more popular with intermediate students, as one beginner student noted it was too hard. Both beginner and intermediate classes reported that they liked Lexia, Duolingo, Practice English Grammar, and Homophones. Since students are requesting to use iPads in class, we will continue to search for and try out new apps in the weeks to come.