Crash Course Science Videos

When ASE students complained about not having enough science and social studies background knowledge for the GED Test, Woonsocket Learning Center ASE Instructor Shannon McLoud introduced them to the Crash Course Videos:

They are brothers, John and Hank Green who have put together all of these videos on different subjects. I call them the adorable, nerdy, hipster guys. They do talk fast, which the students have pointed out, but they’ve also said that the videos are cute since the guys are funny. I’m using it to get the students used to the vocab. With science, I have noticed that the words freak them out. Not that I blame them! So at least hearing the words, in a playful manner seem to make them more accessible.
— Shannon McLoud, ASE/GED Instructor, WLC Evening

Check out the intro video below, or view all the playlists here: