Technology Professional Development - Learning Studios at RIRAL


Once a month for the duration of the Technology Breakthrough Grant, RIRAL will transform its Woonsocket Learning Center into a Learning Studio. Multiple spaces will be available for research, collaboration, lesson planning, and hands-on technical experiences. Imagine it like an artists' collaborative studio - artists from a variety of disciplines sharing space and materials: painting supplies in one area, sculpture tools in an other, books, magazine clippings and other sources of inspiration in a third. The ability to move between areas, try out new materials, and work independently or in groups.

RIRAL’s Learning Studio will offer a menu of professional development choices: there will be group, pair, and individual sessions available in order to meet your professional development needs. Group sessions will be aimed at covering topics that a majority of participants are interested in and will include lots of hands on experience, demonstrations, etc. The pair and individual sessions are designed to address narrower needs, and encourage joint research and collaboration: for example, if you and a partner have a similar project or needs, you can work together to learn how to do something.

Topics will be announced approximately two weeks in advance through the PDC. Some topics will be sequential and progressive, building on attendee’s previous knowledge (for example, iPads will be covered in all six sessions). Registration through the PDC is required.