Apologies, due to illness, this week's Learning Studio will be canceled. These topics will be offered at the next Learning Studio, on Monday, February 16. 

Thank you, Kim


Click here to watch a live streaming video of today's learning studio. An archive of this video will be available later. 

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This is our first attempt at live streaming, so there're bound to be some problems. Please send feedback to Kim to let us know how it worked for you and what problems you ran into. For more information about Google Hangouts on Air, click here


Welcome to the Learning Studio at RIRAL

This is an introduction to RIRAL's Learning Studio, including a layout of the studio, access to online resources for independent PD, and an overview of today's sessions.

  • SimpleK12 - Free online events every month, as well as other resources

  • LearnFree.org - Free lessons, tutorials, and videos - great for teachers and students!

Session 1: Creating Lessons in PowerPoint

Document cameras are the new digital version of the old overhead projectors. Learn how to use an Elmo projector to bring real world content into your classroom, reduce copying pages, and get students up and moving around the classroom. If you have a document camera, please bring it with you for practice!

Session 2: Windows Tablets: Using Excel in the Classroom

Excel is not just for budgets and number crunching! This workshop will get participants creating timelines for Social Studies/History lessons, making flashcards for vocabulary or math, making interactive maps, word searches, and creating drag-and-drop language arts activities.

Prerequisites: Understanding the Basics of Excel is helpful, but not required.


Session 3: iPads: Educreations App

In this follow up workshop, we will go deeper into student projects and formative assessments with Educreations. Participants will work in groups to practice delivering a (very) mini lesson and asking "students" (other group members) to make an Educreations video.

Note: Educreations is not just for the iPad! It can be used on laptop and desktop computers as well.

Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with the basics of creating an Educreations video. Click here for a refresher.

Evaluation and Wrap Up

We want to know how we are doing and how we can improve! Please take a few moments to provide feedback on today's PD session.The information you provide will help us to develop trainings that are relevant and timely to you and your colleagues. These answers will also help us research how well we are meeting the needs of PD across the state. Thank you!