Welcome to the Learning Studio at RIRAL

This is an introduction to RIRAL's Learning Studio, including a layout of the studio, access to online resources for independent PD, and an overview of today's sessions.

  • SimpleK12 - Free online events every month, as well as other resources
  • LearnFree.org - Free lessons, tutorials, and videos - great for teachers and students!


Audience: All

Inspiration: Blended Learning in Warwick

This is video from a 4th grade classroom in West Warwick from Shawn Rubin of the Highlander Institute. True, it is not adult education, but it does provide a visual example of what blended learning could look like in the classroom. If you know of any video examples for adult ed, please share!

Session 1: Creating Lessons in PowerPoint

This session will guide participants in how to create a classroom lesson using PowerPoint (or Google Slides - a free resource), including adding text, images, and video, as well has how to narrate your presentation and save it as a video.

Audience: Beginner and Intermediate Users
Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with PowerPoint or Google Slide basics. For a refresher, please study the following lessons
     PowerPoint: Slide Basics
     Google Slides: How to Make a Presentation... (video) or Using Google Slides (text)

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Session 2: Windows Tablets: Research & Writing

This session will guide participants in how to use a Windows tablet (for example, Surface, Asus, etc) for a research and writing project with students. Participants will be grouped based on population/writing needs (ESL, AE, TTC, etc).

Audience: Beginner and Intermediate Tablet Users
Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with Windows 8 basics. For a refresher, please study the following lessons: Navigating Windows 8 (pay attention to tablet notes) and Windows 8.1 Features (pay attention to tablet notes)

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Session 3: iPads: Educreations App

This session will introduce iPads users to the app Educreations, and demonstrate how it can be used in two different ways: by teachers to create lessons, and by students to demonstrate understanding of a topic.

*Note: Educreations can be used as a website on any computer, so you don't have to be an iPad user to participate in or benefit from this session.

Audience: Beginner and Intermediate iPad Users
Prerequisites: Participants should be familiar with iPad basics. For a refresher, please study the following lessons: Getting Started and Using iOS 7

Evaluation and Wrap Up

We want to know how we are doing and how we can improve! Please take a few moments to provide feedback on today's PD session.The information you provide will help us to develop trainings that are relevant and timely to you and your colleagues. These answers will also help us research how well we are meeting the needs of PD across the state. Thank you!